Seven Things to Love About Scuba Diving

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Seven Things to Love About Scuba Diving

It’s impossible to meet a scuba diver who is not excited for their next dive. Scientists have found that diving results in long-term happiness and satisfaction. This springs from a person’s continuous chase after positive experiences. Gene Bernshtam, a real estate investment and development professional, shares the many reasons to love scuba diving.

Scuba diving offers people the chance to become better learners through training.  Diving education is required for safety and certification, with training sessions from beginner to advanced levels.  Divers form new friendships through scuba diving. The sport is a great way to build one’s network, meet new life friends, and train with professionals. Veteran divers have the opportunity to share the wonders of the underwater world to beginners, while new divers feel welcome and safe when accomplished divers guide them. 

Diving promotes wonder and exploration to both new and experienced divers. There is no end to what one can see and experience underwater. Even on bad dives, scuba divers have collective experiences formed and look back on. Travel is another reason for one to love scuba diving.  Many divers consider visiting a new destination for the diving experience.  Much like a regular vacation, diving in foreign territories strengthens the bond between diving buddies, says Gene Bernshtam. In addition, it gives them the chance to meet other passionate divers and experience the marine life in the travel destination. 

Gene Bernshtam reckons that the scuba diving is an easy sport to learn. Since scuba diving is not an extreme sport, all that’s required of a beginner diver is to be comfortable underwater. A scuba diving instructor will explain everything there is to know about the sport. Seeing marine life can be a diver’s major reason to pursue the sport. An encounter with some of the planet’s oldest creatures is always an incredible moment. 

Scuba diving is an excellent stress reliever. Divers feel extreme peace, freedom, and weightlessness when underwater. Being in nature alone combats feelings of anxiety, pressure, and more. Plus, there are no rush work, deadlines, and an unpleasant environment when exploring marine life. 

Gene Bernshtam is a seasoned executive and a graduate of Loyola Business School with a degree in finance. He is currently working in commercial real estate investment and development firm Avalon Holdings, LLC, which specializes in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Outside of his work, he enjoys auto collecting, traveling, scuba diving, and weightlifting. For more updates, visit this page.