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Gene Bernshtam: Services

Are you looking for a home in Chicago that you would love to come home to? Gene Bernshtam and his company, Avalon Holdings, are experts in designing contemporary apartment buildings in Chicago. With the goal of providing individuals and families fine homes with elegant, minimalistic themes, Gene Bernshtam is bent on expanding Avalon’s portfolio of projects to drive home his belief that Chicago deserves better than the cookie-cutter structures that comprise most of the market at the moment.

As experts in the repositioning of underperforming real estate assets, Avalon believes there’s plenty of real estate opportunities left in Chicago, notably in urban areas where there are upscale residences. For those who want to invest in a premium home inspired by today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle, Avalon has developed the living spaces you may be looking for. Contact Gene Bernshtam and Avalon today if you want to see how they translate their talent in design to building real structures that fit right at home in urban communities.

Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development

Apart from apartment buildings, Gene Bernshtam has also worked on mixed-use properties in Chicago. Every real estate project is overseen by Gene himself to ensure that every single detail of the project turns out the way he envisioned it, from the exterior to the interior, to the furnishings and how they create a memorable living experience. If you would like expert advice on what to do with a piece of property or how to strike the perfect balance in the product mix, Gene Bernshtam can provide you with valuable insights.

As the success of a mixed-use development is hinged on its product mix or the allocation of space for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and community purposes, careful planning must be given as early as the conception stage or during the feasibility study, if any. This way developers can maximize every inch of space according to the needs and demand of the market while yielding the most profit for their investment. While selling out, whether it’s a space for lease or sale, is always a prime consideration of developers for all their projects, Avalon accomplishes this without forgetting its mission of beautifying the streets of Chicago.

Contact Gene Bernshtam

If you are interested in doing business or forging a partnership with Avalon Holdings, you may also contact Gene Bernshtam. He offers Investment, Development, and Management and Consulting services to help get your real estate project off the ground. Design and construction is only but one part of real estate development, and your team will stand to benefit from Gene Bernshtam’s years of industry experience. There could be no better time than now to work with a leading real estate development company.

Moving forward, the demand for real estate with modern and contemporary themes is seen to continue growing. Gene Bernshtam and Avalon Holdings have already gotten a head start in this direction like their transit-oriented project in Chicago. To learn more about this project or to be updated on what’s new with Gene Bernshtam and Avalon’s real estate projects, kindly stay tuned to this website.