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Gene Bernshtam: 3 Pointers When Choosing a Neighborhood

Gene Bernshtam: 3 Pointers When Choosing a Neighborhood

When it comes to your dream home, you should also consider the community you’d like to be part of, as the neighborhood you live in can ruin or enhance your stay in your dream home. Real estate developer Gene Bernshtam points out that often, people overlook the role neighborhoods play in determining the value of real estate. For instance, it only follows that a safe and quiet neighborhood will fetch higher prices. Therefore one should factor in the neighborhood he/she will be living in before signing the dotted line. Eugene Bernshtam shares the following tips for choosing a neighborhood:

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1. Green is good – A neighborhood that has public parks and other greenery nearby is always a good thing. Gene Bernshtam adds that in urban cities such as Chicago, these places are even more attractive as they break up the monotony and dullness of concrete in the city. Aside from parks, one may also consider the lines of trees on the streets. Greenery is not only good for the environment but to one’s well-being as well.

2. Schools – For young families or couples who may be looking to start a family soon, they should consider the schools in the neighborhood. It’s ideal for the school location to be convenient for everyone in the family. Gene Bernshtam shares that school proximity often adds value to a property so don’t be surprised to see higher prices the closer you get to the school.

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3. Crime – Of course, crime is another major factor to consider. Regardless of how affordable a rental is, for example, it may not be worth it if means risking your safety in the end. Eugene Bernshtam advises going for a drive in the neighborhood and talking to locals to get a better idea of the place. After all, there’s only so much information found on the Internet, so it’s best to interview the people who will soon be your neighbors.