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Best Travel Practices to Adapt after the COVID-19 Pandemic

The tourism, aviation, and hospitality industries have taken a hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As governments have enforced stay-at-home orders amid rising cases, many sectors have experienced significant setbacks in their operations.  Real estate professional, car collector, and frequent traveler Gene Bernshtam shares with fellow explorers how traveling can change once the restrictions have…
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Seven Things to Love About Scuba Diving

It’s impossible to meet a scuba diver who is not excited for their next dive. Scientists have found that diving results in long-term happiness and satisfaction. This springs from a person’s continuous chase after positive experiences. Gene Bernshtam, a real estate investment and development professional, shares the many reasons to love scuba diving. Scuba diving offers people the…
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Starting a Car Collection? Consider these Tips

While many people desire to have a car collection, only a few get to achieve it truly.  There are numerous reasons car enthusiasts fail at building their collection.  One of them is the lack of proper knowledge when it comes to collecting cars.  Gene Bernshtam, a real estate investment and development professional, is an accomplished…
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The Basics of Designing and Setting up a Home Gym

Eugene Bernshtam loves weightlifting.  It has been one of his favorite hobbies for years.  He is aware that with the current global health crisis, a lot of people have taken their foot off the gas in terms of fitness, with gyms closed.  However, Bernshtam says that for those who want to stay fit and healthy,…
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