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About Gene Bernshtam

Gene Bernshtam

Gene Bernshtam is an active player in the Chicago real estate scene. Through Avalon Holdings LLC, Gene has helped develop one-of-a-kind residential and mixed use spaces with a minimalistic contemporary theme. Motivated by the slogan, “Delivering products and services to people you yourself would expect!”, both Gene and Avalon Holdings has garnered praise for their modern architectural designs. Apart from real estate development, they also offer investment and management consulting services.

As one of the leading commercial real estate investment and development companies in Chicago, Avalon Holdings sets itself apart by showing meticulous attention to detail, and not just on the design front. In fact, as a family owned and operated real estate firm, Avalon is better able to provide personalized services to clients. This is because they know who their clients are, and take the time to nurture such relationships for the long-term. Additionally, Avalon is like other family owned businesses that have the advantage of being agile, and this flexibility has allowed them to adapt and answer to the needs of the today’s modern lifestyle.


One big project that Avalon Holdings is particularly excited about is its transit-related project in Chicago. Walkable neighborhoods are more than just a trend; they’re considered a necessity by the younger workforce who prefer to have the option of walking or riding a bicycle to work. To meet the demand in this niche, Avalon Holdings has put together plans to develop an apartment building with allocated parking space for bicycles.

Like other projects of Gene Bernshtam, the planned apartment building will have a contemporary theme. There will be large window openings to allow for great natural illumination during the day. There will also be multiple metal structures integrated into the balconies and around the main entrance, which will be used as a display for foliage. Lastly, multi-colored masonry was chosen to create a scatter plot matrix effect that has a striking and engaging design. All these elements are tied together by units with 10-11 foot ceilings and modern amenities. The apartment building will have a huge roof deck, as well as 25 interior heated parking spots and LED lighting in the common areas.

Before Gene Bernshtam became known for being an expert in the repositioning of underperforming real estate assets, he worked as an investment banker. While he attended business school, he found his calling in the real estate scene industry. He is especially proud of Avalon Holdings’ talent in design and ability to design their projects’ interiors and exteriors. This year, Gene is busy with the expansion of Avalon in Chicago and Miami. They’re on track to achieve their goal, which is to provide users fine homes to live in and that they would love coming home too.


On a more personal note, Gene Bernshtam is passionate about classic car restoration. He is a member of the FCA (Ferrari Club of America) and Lamborghini Club of America, and is the Illinois Secretary of State of CAR of Illinois.

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